You’re a Calvinist, Right?

Thanks to my friend SDG for referring me to this interesting interview with Fred Sanders.

And so, I had to know: For a guy who loves, quotes, and depends upon Calvin and Calvinists, why isn’t Fred Sanders a Calvinist? We corresponded, and he explained the one thing he wished Calvinists would stop accusing Wesleyans of doing and why Wesleyanism is only the opposite of Calvinism in a very small thought-world.

“The seven last words of a church before it dies: “We’ve never done it that way before.”
“Sometimes it is possible to live without knowing our neighbours: this is not Christian.”
9/14/13, 5:14
“Always puzzled when people dream of a “Christian Harvard.” We already had one. It was called Harvard. How’d that work out for us?”

Engaging Culture for Jesus

Since my church family has been begun living out a new emphasis on neighborhood ministry surrounding our church and this ministry is cross-racial and even “cross-lingual” to some extent, this message from Lecrae is very interesting and relevant to things I’m thinking about right now.
I think American Christians (in general and not my church of course;)) can sometimes feel like the “Great White Father” swooping in to set things right at the expense of simply being neighborly and eventually sharing the gospel from a position of relationship and trust. This message reminded me that trust is earned and that the gospel is for everyone.