“The seven last words of a church before it dies: “We’ve never done it that way before.”
“Sometimes it is possible to live without knowing our neighbours: this is not Christian.”
9/14/13, 5:14
“Always puzzled when people dream of a “Christian Harvard.” We already had one. It was called Harvard. How’d that work out for us?”

Engaging Culture for Jesus

Since my church family has been begun living out a new emphasis on neighborhood ministry surrounding our church and this ministry is cross-racial and even “cross-lingual” to some extent, this message from Lecrae is very interesting and relevant to things I’m thinking about right now.
I think American Christians (in general and not my church of course;)) can sometimes feel like the “Great White Father” swooping in to set things right at the expense of simply being neighborly and eventually sharing the gospel from a position of relationship and trust. This message reminded me that trust is earned and that the gospel is for everyone.

I am a slave. I am owned by Jesus Christ of Nazareth and only He can command my life, not myself. My life is His to use for any purpose, in any place, at any time. He can preserve my life or take it, for when I leave this world, I will be in His.